Thursday, January 5, 2012

Distractions and Intentions

Just gonna start by saying, I'm paying closer attention to the things in life that are distracting me. I like the concept, anyway, tis worthwhile for sure.

Last night, when I was cleaning the kitchen and making dinner, I was also listening to a podcast. I think that's one reason why I felt yucky. Too many things going on at once. I had enjoyed the first half of the podcast on the ride home and was excited to hear the rest of it. Can I just say, I don't remember a single thing from part 2? Can I also say, I felt incredibly hyped out by too many things happening at once? I tried to calm down by putting on music afterwards, but I just needed 'quiet'. And when I say 'quiet', I mean just the regular household background noises and chatter. It made it easier to hear the kids when they wanted to ask something, it gave me a clearer head to answer thoughtfully, it made me enjoy what I was doing too.

Just a little lesson on why I'm not getting as much accomplished as I'd like to.I have to work on the physical clutter here too. I'm trying an experiment to clear away as much of the stuff in my bedroom that doesn't need to be there.  Too often my side of the room ends up as a temporary storage area for items.  When the closet had a pipe leak, the boxes of photos and paperwork went on my side of the room. (Psst... it's still there!). When the laundry didn't get all put away and when I started to fish out the boys clothes to give away, that all went on the chair and now it's all mixed up and has to be gone through AGAIN. Oh, and we can't sit in the chair cause it's filled with aforementioned clothes piles.  Sometimes the cat can find a small space in the chair mountain.  But that isn't good enough anymore.

So, now I've had it!I'm sick of manouvering around all of these things that threaten to topple over when I close the curtains at night!  I want to find out how big of a difference it makes once these items have a permanent home (which is NOT in my room). I can't wait to discover the amount of peace my bedroom can provide for me once the clutter is gone.

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