Thursday, December 1, 2011


I love the smell of foods and I stumbled upon a gorgeous collection of them on my afternoon walk today. The instant reaction of closing your eyes and getting those nostrils as high in the air allows you to give in to the singular sense of smell. From there the salivary glands kick in. Followed by a rummaging around in your purse to find out if you can afford to follow your nose to the eggrolls/bbq’ed meats/roasting coffee.

But hold on there. Why not just take in that moment, when, as you walk along road that runs behind main street, you become totally still? Take in all of those lovely scents at once. The way they mingle in the air, they still remain separate to your brain somehow as you can distinguish each one and create a full color image (or an associative childhood memory) behind your eyelids. This is totally gratis. This is only you experiencing this particular blend of foodstuffs.

Now, save your money and slowly walk on back to your homemade pb&j and remember your own food smells: last night when the freshly baked bread’s yeast kicked into high gear; the bubbling sweet redness of your own strawberry-rhubarb jam in the heat of summer.

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