Thursday, October 27, 2011

Butternut Squash Soup DIP!

Trust me on this one, start dipping your tortilla chips into your butternut squash/apple soup.  You will NOT be disappointed!
I discovered this on a fluke: my husband is not a fan of the soup (turns out, I'm not either, which I discovered after cooking up a huge vat of the stuff), so he had nachos instead.  But in making too many nachos, I had a few off the side and starting dipping in the soup leftover from my children (who didn't like the soup as well - if anything, we are a family united).

The flavor combination is just divine and tastes so much of fall.  Autumn nachos?  Maybe sprinkle a few leeks over the top?  That might be pushing things too far.  Nevermind, let's just stick with the soup as dip.

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